A Full Circle

The soda fountain originated in 1990 when Andy and Debbie Ullrich opened Hawthorne Drugs’ doors. The idea behind the soda fountain was to draw more customers into the store. Fortunately, the soda fountain’s business has bloomed in the past 20 years. Customers have enjoyed coming to the pharmacy, not only to get prescriptions filled, but also to sample soda shop faves such as homemade sandwiches and classic hot dogs. A trip to Hawthorne Drugs was never complete without a stop at the soda fountain for a chicken salad sandwich, a chili dog or a milkshake. Because the soda fountain has become so busy, we decided we needed to expand! This is where I come in…

So who is “Em” anyway?

I (Emily) began working my very first job at the soda fountain in 1998, the summer I turned sixteen. As the years went by, I came and went from Hawthorne Drugs while I figured out the right career path for me. Long story short…here we are, years later. Over the years, I’ve come full circle (and married the owners’ son in the meantime!) I’m back at the soda fountain, but this time, it’s my Kitchen and I’m excited to introduce you to our expanded menu in addition to your classic Hawthorne Drugs soda fountain favorites. I am inspired by food, family, friends, and fun – so come on in, have a cup of coffee, enjoy the conversation, and start making new memories at Em’s Kitchen!