All prices include plates, napkins, utensils, condiments, salt & pepper.

All delivery orders require a $10 delivery fee.

Prices subject to change.

Kindly give 24 hours notice for your order.

Minimum 10 people.

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Biscuit Platters


Meat Biscuits 33.99/dozen

meats: sausage, bacon, turkey sausage, ham, chicken, or turkey bacon

Meat, Egg & Cheese Biscuits 44.99/dozen

meats: sausage, bacon, chicken, turkey sausage, or turkey bacon with scrambled egg & cheddar cheese

Scrambled Egg Biscuits $29.99/dozen

Plain Biscuits – $17.99 ea/dozen

Mini Ham Biscuits – $16.99 dozen

We can mix and match biscuit platters upon request, and update prices accordingly.



Sausage & Cheese Balls 5.99/dozen (1/2 dozen 3.49)

Fresh Fruit Bowl 2.19 per person

Fresh Fruit Skewers (6″)  1.39 each

Grits (9″ x 13″ p an) 16.99

add cheese $2.99

Pimento Cheese Grits (9″ x 13″) 19.99

Breakfast Casserole 29.99

sausage & cheese

French Toast Casserole (9″ x 13″) 18.99

Scrambled Eggs 24.99/pan (serves 12)

Breakfast Meat Trays 24.99/pan (serves 12)

bacon, sausage, ham, turket bacon, turkey sausage

Mini Pimento Cheese Scones 9.99/dozen

Fresh Muffins & Mini Scones 9.99/dozen


One carafe Jittery Joe’s House Blend Coffee $14.99

includes cream & sugar / one coffee carafe serves approx. 10

Orange Juice 6.99/gallon